Consortium Management

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how can i clean my macConsortia Management

How are you establishing or managing your consortia?

Getting ahead in today’s rapidly evolving world relies heavily on partnerships between business, government, academia and non-profit organizations.  This is especially true when government innovation funding comes into play.  In fact the Government of Canada is increasingly relying on partnerships between these sectors to deliver results.  Understanding the differences between these types of organizations and being able to provide a balanced approach to building and managing a consortium is not easy.  It requires a special skill set and mentality.

At SPGroup, our personnel have built, managed, provided strategic advice, enabled multimillion dollar funding and established governance models and structures.  Having worked with over 12 different consortia comprised of over 200 different partners and funded in excess of $250,000,000, we can offer you end-to-end service including:

  • identification of partners
  • potential funding mechanisms
  • financial models for operations
  • governance structures
  • project/program/portfolio management
  • risk management
  • stakeholder engagement

and more

Lets explore how we can achieve together!

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